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Topics we research:

  1. Additive manufacturing
    Trendwatching robotics, machines, hardware, software and firmware Marlin G-code
    Advanced materials; biobased polymers, biodegradable materials and recycled plastics.
    Smart factory setup
    Octoprint farm
    Assembly of Reprap 3d printers
    Maintenance of machinery.

  2. Product development

    Which products can be manufactured by which machines by implementing what methods?

  3. Biomimicri design

    How can the biomimicri design lens be implemented into product development process? What does the consumer want?

  4. Circular economy

    In terms of sustainability how can biobased, biodegradable and recycled plastics be used in additive manufacturing proceses?

  5. Blockchain and additive manufacturing

    What technologies can be implemented or adopted to improve the revenue model or other benefits in the productiveness of an additive smart factory?

  6. eCommerce experience

    What eCommerce experiences can be created to satisfy consumer wishes? Augmented Reality, Virtual reality, gamification etc.