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Rockstart introduction.
Rockstart loves startups!
As startup Eco4all can use some help. Thats why Eco4all participated as attendee at a pitching event organised by Rockstart HQ Amsterdam to learn from other startups and to make new network connections. Eco4all will continue to go to future network events.


The Key Features of our group

Home office

Decentralisation to the max.

Dedicated research

Before we go into action we research the case in detail.

Time space management

Time & space play a keyrole in managing our resources.

Web Security

By Cloudflare.


Take a look at our current projects for an example of our work.

  • Fast delivery, honoust & competive prices what else?

    Alinea Recta

    Alinea Recta gives 2nd hand books a new life.

  • Blockchain technology.


    We know a lot about cryptocurrency. Here you can get tips & trics just for free.

  • Your home provides the energy you need.

    Durable energy

    All about solar, wind & hydro energy.

  • Bitcoin is here to stay.

    Project object 4

    Portal to our investment projects

  • Merging nature & economy together.

    Biobased economy

    What is a biobased economy? From biobased business accelerators to biobased products.

  • Biobased fillaments creates beautifull biobased products

    3d design & printing

    3d designs & printing on demand.

Highlighted coins

Our Clients

Apps of All Kinds Blockchain apps are set to disrupt the whole application market. They are based on blockchain technology resulting in an 100% runtime. At Lisk you can develop your own blockchain apps with modern web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Our Clients

Ethereum is a modular, stateful, Turing-complete contract scripting system married to a blockchain and developed with a philosophy of simplicity, universal accessibility and generalization. Our goal is to provide a platform for decentralized applications - an android of the cryptocurrency world, where all efforts can share a common set of APIs, trustless interactions and no compromises. We ask for the community to join us as volunteers, developers, investors and evangelists seeking to enable a fundamentally different paradigm for the internet and the relationships it provides.

Our Clients
NEM is the New Economy Movement

A groundbreaking crypto-currency that gives control of their economy back to the people and establishes them as sovereigns over their own destiny. A currency is an expression of a political ideology and social attitude. Do not mistake us as just another cryptocurrency. We are more than a cryptocurrency, we are a New Economy Movement.


Our price for your company

per project only 99 left!
  • Basic website inclusive 1 year hosting
  • Basic business administration
  • Basic business projects
  • Basic other services
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  • Cryptocurrency education
  • Advanced webpage design and programming
  • 3D Printing projects
  • Raspberry pi projects
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